Planning for a Relocation

If you were offered a substantial raise, you'd probably never think about turning it down. But what if the only way you could get that raise would be to take a position with one of your company's offices that is thousands of miles away? How do you know if relocating is right for you and your family?

Several thousand job transfers take place in this country annually. Relocating to a new town can be emotionally upsetting for the entire family. Because of this, many employers are now offering counseling to their employees.

Before deciding to relocate, find out if your employer offers a paid relocation package. This will help ease the burden of moving expenses. Talk to your company's human resources department about what costs are covered. If you can, have your company pay for a trip to the new location, so you and your family have an opportunity to visit before you decide.

You will also want to research housing trends, taxes, school districts, crime rates and recreational activities in the area. Your human resources department should be able to provide you with some information, but you may want to do more in-depth research on your own.